• Thai Ghang Wann Specialty

    • 39 Pad Thai Ra Yong

      This will be the best Pad Thai you ever have. Served with big prawn and jumbo lump crab meat.
    • 40 Crispy Duck Ka Prow

      Spicy $18.00
      Stir fried slices of crispy roast duck with chili, bell peppers and basil, topped with crispy basil.
    • 41 Goong Gleur (Must try)

      Spicy $17.00
      Sauteed lightly battered shrimp and string beans with special Thai herbs.
    • 42 Pad Cha Talay

      Spicy $17.00
      Seafood spicy stir-fry with Thai herbs.
    • 43 Pla Rad Prik

      Spicy $16.00
      Deep fried basa filet topped with hot chili and garlic sauce.
    • 44 Pineapple Fried Rice

      Stir fried rice with shrimp, pineapple, cashew nuts, raisins, scallions topped with dried shredded pork.
    • 45 Steak Thai Ghang Waan

      Spicy $16.00
      Thai marinated grilled steak served with our homemade spicy sauce, pickled vegetables and sticky rice.
    • 46 Crispy Calamari with Basil

      Spicy $17.00
      Deep fried calamari sauteed with fresh chili peppers, garlic and basil leaves.
    • 47 Whole Flounder

      Spicy Market Price
      Deep fried whole flounder served with Thai chili basil sauce.